[Mailman-Users] admin links wrong

Barry A. Warsaw barry at zope.com
Thu Jul 26 06:32:36 CEST 2001

>>>>> "BO" == Bek Oberin <gossamer at tertius.net.au> writes:

    BO> Conversely if you go to
    BO> http://www.tertius.net.au/mailman/admin/ the link back to the
    BO> regular overview page points to /listinfo instead of
    BO> /mailman/listinfo

    BO> This is in a slightly old version - 2.0beta5 - but I'm trying
    BO> to avoid upgrading the box from Debian Potato because it hosts
    BO> so much stuff and at least like this it's stable :).  Any fix
    BO> apart from upgrading?

Yes, your web_page_url attribute doesn't end in a slash.  This is a known
problem which should be fixed were you to upgrade.  In lieu of that,
make sure all your list's web_page_url attributes end in a slash.


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