[Mailman-Users] strange SMTP problems after Postfix conversion

Dave Klingler davek at mail.commercedata.com
Thu Jul 26 17:12:27 CEST 2001

Hi folks.  I'm stumped.  I'm getting the following messages on my console
after bringing up a new OpenBSD 2.9 machine with Postfix to replace a virtual
host setup that used Sendmail (I'm pleased so far with the ease of Postfix
configuration, by the way).  I had initially configured the machine as 
virtual.spaceandrobotics.org, but I reconfigured it as mail.spaceandrobotics
.org with a 'www' cname.  The name "virtual" does not exist on my DNS at all.

Basically no mail at all is going out, and I'm getting this:

Jul 26 08:50:23 mail postfix/smtpd[15521]: warning: hostname virtual.spaceandrobotics.org verification failed: Host not found
Jul 26 08:50:23 mail postfix/smtp[19369]: warning: host mail.spaceandrobotics.org[] greeted me with my own hostname mail.spaceandrobotics.org
Jul 26 08:50:23 mail postfix/smtp[19369]: warning: host mail.spaceandrobotics.org[] replied to HELO/EHLO with my own hostname mail.spaceandrobotics.org

The first message totally stumps me because I've grepped through several 
directories for the word "virtual" with no sign of where that hostname is 
coming from.  Typing "uname -a" returns

bash# uname -a
OpenBSD mail 2.9 GENERIC#653 i386

and Postfix does seem to be picking up the correct hostname, as evidenced by
the second message.  There's no sign of the "virtual" hostname in either the
/etc/postfix or various mailman directories (unless I've bungled and missed it
somehow).  Somehow when mailman connects, though, the old "virtual" hostname
is being generated somewhere.

Sending email to myself via mail -v from the same machine returns

   bash# mail -v test at spaceandrobotics.org
   Subject: test
   tra la la
   postdrop: open maildrop/C23862A009
   postdrop: print string: C23862A009
   send-mail: mail_scan_any: read string: C23862A009
   postdrop: print int: 0
   send-mail: mail_scan_any: read integer: 0

which I have to admit is not nearly as informative as what I used to get
with Sendmail.  Sending from another machine returns

   [davek at mail davek]$ mail -v test at spaceandrobotics.org
   Subject: test from a different machine
   fa la la 
   test at spaceandrobotics.org... Connecting to mail.spaceandrobotics.org. via esmtp...
   220 mail.spaceandrobotics.org ESMTP Postfix
   >>> EHLO mail.commercedata.com
   250-SIZE 10240000
   250 8BITMIME
   >>> MAIL From:<davek at mail.commercedata.com> SIZE=79
   250 Ok
   >>> RCPT To:<test at mail.spaceandrobotics.org>
   250 Ok
   >>> DATA
   354 End data with <CR><LF>.<CR><LF>
   >>> .
   250 Ok: queued as 68F7E2A009
   test at spaceandrobotics.org... Sent (Ok: queued as 68F7E2A009)
   Closing connection to mail.spaceandrobotics.org.
   >>> QUIT
   221 Bye

So anyway, here I am.  The mail queue is getting flushed, and the mail 
is going somewhere, although I don't believe it's going into any spools, 
and disappearing.  Anyone have any ideas?

Thanks for any help!
Dave Klingler

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