[Mailman-Users] strange SMTP problems after Postfix conversion

Dave Klingler davek at mail.commercedata.com
Thu Jul 26 18:49:14 CEST 2001

Good morning, Devdas.  Thanks for your time and your reply.

> On Thu, 26 Jul 2001, Dave Klingler spewed into the ether:
> <snip>
> > which I have to admit is not nearly as informative as what I used to get
> > with Sendmail.  Sending from another machine returns
> Turn on logging in master.cf

Thank you, but I prefer to keep it enabled.  I like to know when I have 
strange problems like these!

> <snip>
> > So anyway, here I am.  The mail queue is getting flushed, and the mail 
> > is going somewhere, although I don't believe it's going into any spools, 
> > and disappearing.  Anyone have any ideas?
> Did you recompile mailman?

Yes, I did, just in case.  The Default.py file has always contained the 
correct hostname, and grepping through the rest of the Mailman directories
for the word "irtual" did not yield any clues.  Mailman was installed after
the machine name was changed.

> See in ~mailman/Mailman/Default.py for the old hostname

Thanks again for any ideas anyone might have!
Dave Klingler

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