[Mailman-Users] request?

Ricardo F. Kustner ricardo at rixhq.nu
Thu Jul 26 21:59:01 CEST 2001

On Thu, 26 Jul 2001 04:52:10 -0500
Alex Lau <alex at dpcgroup.com> wrote:

> how do mailman notice the request had come it? does it read the qmil
> Mailbox or what?

you should setup qmail to send the list mail through .qmail files, or /etc/aliases if you have setup qmail with sendmail compatible aliases support.

The .qmail files are usually in the homedirectory of the user ~alias.
All should be described in the infamous README.QMAIL if I'm not mistaken.
Newer versions of mailman also include info on how to setup qmail to automatically handle the lists w/o having to create a bunch of .qmail files for each list (or search the mailinglist archives if it's not in there yet; I haven't checked).

so to answer your question... No, mailman doesn't read the mailboxes... qmail should be instructed to send (pipe) certain addresses through mailman.



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