[Mailman-Users] Tall Order - Photos

Rob Brandt rbrandt at sbdsl.com
Fri Jul 27 02:34:41 CEST 2001


I'm getting my mailman running nicely now - thanks to all of your help.

The primary purpose of having a list manager is to manage lists 
relating to my business, but I've had a request from my high school 
alumni association to manage a mailing list for the alumni too.  They 
want to do some "cool" stuff like allow html messages, and even 
handle attached photos.  Despite my discouragement, they persist :'(. 
I guess rules we meant to be broken, huh?

Actually, I'm pleased with how mailman is handling it.  I've done 
some test posting of html formatted messages and some with photos, 
and they actually come through well.  I'm especially impressed that 
the headers and footers are surviving html messages - I've used some 
other list managers and participated in other lists where you can 
guarantee that this won't work.

What isn't working is the digests and archives.  The html messages 
show all of the tags and the photos display as text - not as an 
actual photo.  It seems to me that this is something that should 
work, in theory.  Does it, and I just don't have something set 
correctly?  Or has the issue not been addressed?  Or is it planned 
for a future version?

I know this is an issue that normally is off the radar because we 
don't want anything but pure text messages, but in this instance it 
does truly seem useful.



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