[Mailman-Users] Tall Order - Photos

alex wetmore alex at phred.org
Mon Jul 30 20:53:32 CEST 2001

On Mon, 30 Jul 2001, Brett Delmage wrote:
> I am curious about this too, as I would like to set up a specific list
> that allows MIME and html, specifically so that photographic information
> and drawings could be easily conveyed. Anyone subscribing to this list
> would have the expectation that they would receive these types of
> messages. It would be desirable to be able to view messages and
> attachements in the web mail archive.
> I am a big fan of plain text messages, but I do think that there is an
> important need for something like a mail list and archiver that handles
> messages with attachments well.
> Mailman/pipermail doesn't quite do this... Is there a mail list manager
> out there that handles this well? (Sorry if this question is somewhat off
> topic).  Would it be useful to feed mailman messages to a private
> newsgroup server as the archiver and another access method?

What about using a tool which stripped out attachments and put them
onto a web server?  This could be done before the message is processed
by mailman.  It would work well with all archiving tools and for users
which have text based clients (like Pine) but are using a graphical
workstation.  The only downside that I can think of is that it
wouldn't be as convinent for people who use offline readers to see the

I know that such tools exist, but I'm not directly familiar with any
of them.  It seems like a fairly simple thing to write as well.
Demime or Stripmime would probably make a good basis for starting on
one (Demime would probably be easier to hack for this based on what I
know of it's internals...stripmime doesn't use any modules so you'd
have to write the code to convert from base64 to binary).


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