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Sam Brooks sbrooks at earthlink.net
Mon Jul 30 22:19:38 CEST 2001

> On 30 July 2001, Julie Bolshaw said:
> > I am a subscriber on a mail list that uses Mailman.  I would like to get
> > mail list started for another group that I belong to.<<SNIP>>

> Greg Ward responded:

> I hate to say it, but if it sounds incredibly complicated, that's
> because it *is* incredibly complicated.<<SNIP>>

And Sam replies with his own 2 cents worth.

You don't need to be an aeronautical engineer to fly an airplane,
pilots do it all the time.  Julie, if you are just looking to put together
a Mailman based list without the hassle.  Contact Norbert Bollow.
nb at cisto.com .  First rate service.  Reasonable prices.
Tell him that Sam sent you.  Works all the time.  ;-)

sbrooks at earthlink.net

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