[Mailman-Users] New user - Header domain deletion problem

Dermot C Cassidy dermot.cassidy at compaq.com
Tue Jul 31 09:17:41 CEST 2001


We're new to mailman.  We've set up a few mailing lists
which largely work Ok but have one significant problem.

We have a list called 'rcm.support'.  Sendmail
passes mail to mailman via the line:

rcm.support:"|/usr/local/mailman/mail/wrapper post rcm.support"

in aliases.

What sendmail hands over (i.e. what goes into the pipe above) 
will be a piece of mail with headers like:

	From: "Hogan, Denis" <Denis.Hogan at Compaq.com>
	To: "Support, RCM" <rcm_support at soggey.ilo.cpqcorp.net>
	Cc: "'dccassidy at eircom.net'" <dccassidy at eircom.net>

(the underscore in 'rcm_support' is because it is being
passed to rcm.support from an 'rcm_support' alias on another

Mailman then passes on the mail fine to members on the list.

The problem, however, is that mailman changes the headers
and removes some domain information.  What ends up in the
archive, and what gets passed on to mailing list members,

	From: "Hogan, Denis" <Denis.Hogan at Compaq.com>
	To: "Support, RCM" <rcm_support>
	Cc: "'dccassidy at eircom.net'" <dccassidy>

The 'From' line is OK, but the 'To' and 'Cc' lines lack
domain info in the angle brackets.

When this mail is then being sent out to list members,
sendmail then sees that domain information is missing and
puts in the name of the localhost instead.  Sometimes
this will be right and sometimes wrong.  Eg. we end up
with headers like: 

	From: "Hogan, Denis" <Denis.Hogan at Compaq.com>
	To: "Support, RCM" <rcm_support at fuse.ilo.cpqcorp.net>
	Cc: "'dccassidy at eircom.net'" <dccassidy at fuse.ilo.cpqcorp.net>

in the outgoing mail.

In this case the 'Cc' like is totally wrong.  While the mail
will get to the mailing list member, if they try to reply to
all the recipients (including the Cc), some of the mail will

If anyone knows how to resolve this problem, I'd be most

Thanks in advance.


  Dermot Cassidy, Systems Engineer, MSE A&O 
    Compaq ESC, Ballybrit Business Park, Galway, Ireland.
      tel: +353-91-754678 / mailto:dermot.cassidy at compaq.com

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