[Mailman-Users] configuration problems

Michael Powe michael at trollope.org
Fri Jun 1 22:38:10 CEST 2001


I set up MailMan according to the instructions and it 'seems' to be
working.  But, it's not working correctly.  I have set it up on a
Slackware linux 7.1 machine, Apache & sendmail.  When I log into the
web interface and add some users, that seems to work.  The users that
I add all get the notification of subscription.  But, when one of the
users posts to the list, I'm the only one who gets a copy of the

I think this may be because of the way my incoming mail is handled.  I
have a DSL connection w/domain and the mail goes to my ISP, from where
I download it via fetchmail.  Fetchmail hands it to sendmail on port
25 but it seems that the aliases are not invoked and it just goes into
my inbox instead of getting recycled.  I've set up two test lists and
the behavior is the same on both.  I did run 'newaliases' after adding
the aliases to the /etc/aliases file.  No procmail recipes are being
run on the incoming mail at this point.

I would sure appreciate any suggestions, as I need to get this setup
operational asap.


  Michael Powe                                 Portland, Oregon USA
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