[Mailman-Users] catch-all aliases virtusertable problem

cary cary at dotaku.com
Sat Jun 2 01:02:21 CEST 2001

I updated my raq3 with the os and security patches available from cobalt (v.4.0)
and I've noticed in my virtusertable a new section has been added:

	# catch-all aliases

It appears email messages sent to non-existing users in any of the virtual hosts
on my system are sent messages back to the senders as 'user unknown' if an
errant email is sent to any of the sites on my system. Ok, that makes sense.
Problem is, Mailman doesn't require a user account in order to work. So mail
sent to my mailman lists are being returned as 'user unknown' now.

If comment out the one line catching all aliases for the virtual site mailman
resides on the list works again. Great! The problem is, every time a user is
added/deleted/updated the virtusertable is rewritten thus removing my commented
line and crippling my mailing lists.

Can anyone help me here?



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