[Mailman-Users] configuration problems

Satya satyap at satya.virtualave.net
Sat Jun 2 04:27:44 CEST 2001

On Jun 1, 2001 at 13:38, Michael Powe wrote:

>I add all get the notification of subscription.  But, when one of the
>users posts to the list, I'm the only one who gets a copy of the
>I think this may be because of the way my incoming mail is handled.  I
>have a DSL connection w/domain and the mail goes to my ISP, from where
>I download it via fetchmail.  Fetchmail hands it to sendmail on port
>25 but it seems that the aliases are not invoked and it just goes into
>my inbox instead of getting recycled.  I've set up two test lists and

>the aliases to the /etc/aliases file.  No procmail recipes are being
>run on the incoming mail at this point.

You need procmail. fetchmail and sendmail are looking at the envelope
address, which is your mailbox.

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