[Mailman-Users] Almost there

Mike T. Gholson mike at mgdesign.net
Sun Jun 3 10:48:33 CEST 2001


On my Redhat 7.1 system, I had troubles with Mailman and Sendmail.
So, I switched my MTA.  I'm now using Exim.  Not a bad package.
Mailman seems to be working ok with it.  But, it doesn't seem to be
creating the aliases correctly when a new list is created.

I can create the list, the email is sent to the list owner, and
the web-page is created.  When I try to subscribe, it also sends
me a confirmation email.

But, when I reply to the confirmation, the message does not go
through.  It tells me that the name does not exist.

Any tricks?  I've put the necessary entries into my /usr/exim/configure
file as suggested by the instructions on the Exim site.


-- Mike

PS:  I still have my old /etc/aliases file when I was using sendmail.
It does NOT have an alias entry for the new list.  But, it does have
entries for mailman (as I followed mailman instructions).

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