[Mailman-Users] Help! Digest went nuts!

Steph hergrace at pmeb.org
Mon Jun 4 19:16:29 CEST 2001

Hi folks,
Hope you can help us figure out what went wrong -- our webhost seems to 
have no clue about this, and doesn't seem eager to figure it out.

One day this weekend our list digest sent itself out over 200 times. Tech 
Support tried rebooting the server, but all that did was to take the lists 
down completely. When it finally came back up, the trouble started all over 
again. So the only remedy was to completely remove the list.

Here are some facts:
* The digest came out incomplete -- it broke off in the middle of one of 
the messages.
* An autoresponder could not be the problem, as no "autoresponder-type" 
messages were coming out with the digest (and we tend to catch those 
problems pretty quickly).

We think there may have been a rogue character in one of the emails, but 
have no idea if this is even a viable solution.

Any help clearing up this mystery would be *greatly* appreciated! We like 
our new webhost on the whole, and would like to stay with them -- but 
unless our lists work properly, we'll have to look for someone offering 
Majordomo... *sigh*.


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