[Mailman-Users] Help! Digest went nuts!

Barry A. Warsaw barry at digicool.com
Tue Jun 5 07:43:46 CEST 2001

>>>>> "CVR" == Chuq Von Rospach <chuqui at plaidworks.com> writes:

    CVR> if the log shows nothing, I've seen this before. turns out a
    CVR> user had an embedded NUL character (ascii 0), and it caused
    CVR> the file I/O routines to see a premature EOF. Mailman needs
    CVR> to protect itself from this by stripping weird ascii
    CVR> characters as the messages enter the system...

Who's file I/O routines?  Is the MTA mistaking the NUL for an EOF?  If
so, what MTA are you using Steph?  It should be easy to strip out the
NUL's by adding one line to SMTPDirect.py.  At the top of the function
deliver(), add something like the following (untested!):

    msgtext = string.replace(msgtext, '\0', '')

or, if you're using Python 2.x

    msgtext = msgtext.replace('\0', '')


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