[Mailman-Users] Putting user's address in the trailer

Harald Nikolaus harald at xeneris.net
Wed Jun 6 20:39:20 CEST 2001

Hi all, 
I really think I have searched the list archive and the documentation
thouroughly without success, so I dare to ask here :-) 

Is there a way or a quick patch to put the address with which a user is
subscribed to a list in the trailer that is added to each message?
Many list members use different accounts and aliases, so they often don't
know under which one they are subscribed to a list. It shouldn't be too
hard to insert that address in the trailer of each message, should it?

Of course, I would also like to support a feature request that has been
voiced before: one click unsubscription. Is it hard to add
an URL to the trailer of each message, consisting of address and password,
making it possible to unsubscribe with one click?

Keep up the good work
Harald Nikolaus

Xeneris media
Landhausstr. 3 - 69115 Heidelberg
Tel. +49-6221-502863-0, Fax 502863-4
E-mail: nikolaus at xeneris.net

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