[Mailman-Users] restricting only list owner to post

Yaron Zarfati yaron at ort.edu.ar
Thu Jun 7 22:09:32 CEST 2001

hello, this is my first mail to the list, i installed mailman 2.0.5, it 
worked from the first minute !
but i need to maintain a list where only the administrator can write.
looking at Christopher Kolar´s documentetion i found that if i set
´posting restricted to list members´ to no
and writing some addresses in the list of ´Addresses of members 
accepted for posting to this list without implicit approval ´
only those addresses can post.
i also set ´posts be approved by an administrator´ to no
what i´m getting now is that people listed can post, but anyone 
else goes to the ´administrative pending requests´, so the list 
owner has to reject every message...
how should i set the privacy options so only the list owner can 
post ?

just another question, when is the mm-cfg.py read ?
i changed there the default chunk size, and reinstalled, but only 
new lists show the new number at a time, old lists show the 

thank you very much in advance !

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