[Mailman-Users] announce only list - no one has the right answer

Yaron Zarfati yaron at ort.edu.ar
Mon Jun 11 16:15:41 CEST 2001

sorry to continue with the same subject, but when asking about 
announce only lists, everyone is just sending urls to faqs, and 
those options doesn´t work.

I created a list called ´test´
list members, my address and other address of my domain

my privacy configuration is

 Must posts be approved by an administrator? No
 Restrict posting privilege to list members? No
 Addresses of members accepted for posting... yaron at ort.edu.ar
                                                                     other at ort.edu.ar

so, when I write from a hotmail account, I get a mail saying that the 
post was sent to a private list, and is waiting for approval...
why, if i set no admin approval and the hotmail account is not in 
the accepted members... ???

please answer this only if you *really* have solved it

thanks in advance !

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