[Mailman-Users] announce only list - no one has the right answer

Detlef Neubauer detlef.neubauer at charite.de
Mon Jun 11 16:58:21 CEST 2001

"Yaron Zarfati" <yaron at ort.edu.ar> writes:

> sorry to continue with the same subject, but when asking about 
> announce only lists, everyone is just sending urls to faqs, and 
> those options doesn´t work.

It works fine.

> I created a list called ´test´
> list members, my address and other address of my domain
> my privacy configuration is
>  Must posts be approved by an administrator? No
>  Restrict posting privilege to list members? No
>  Addresses of members accepted for posting... yaron at ort.edu.ar
>                                                                      other at ort.edu.ar

If you use the "Adresses of member" option, the "Must be approved .."
option have no effect.

> so, when I write from a hotmail account, I get a mail saying that the 
> post was sent to a private list, and is waiting for approval...
> why, if i set no admin approval and the hotmail account is not in 
> the accepted members... ???
> please answer this only if you *really* have solved it

,----[ Detail from "Adresses of member .." option ]
| posters (privacy): Addresses of members accepted for posting to this
| list without implicit approval requirement. (See "Restrict ... to list
| members" for whether or not this is in addition to allowing posting by
| list members
| Adding entries here will have one of two effects, according to whether
| another option restricts posting to members.
| If member_posting_only is 'yes', then entries added here will have
| posting privilege in addition to list members.
| If member_posting_only is 'no', then only the posters listed here will
| be able to post without admin approval.

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