[Mailman-Users] Greetings to all, A problem configuring apache...

David Ramirez Joya hawk at osos.fime.uanl.mx
Mon Jun 11 19:12:05 CEST 2001

Againg greetings to all, I have a little problem with mailman. The
explanation of the problem is:

I wanted to use gnu mailman. So downloaded it, read the INSTALL, I
compiled it. configured the sendmail, checked all the configuration
instructions of apache, but when I try to check my recentrly added list by
using the url:


I receive from the apache server, the listing of the program listinfo, I
checked if the execution of CGI is allowed, so, I used a simple cgi
program to check if the directory is allowed to execute cgi, and the
simple program worked so that's not the problem. But as I said when I try
to execute the url, I see the program as if I check it with the
command cat...

By the way, if I create a new list, That directory is created or it's just
the executon parameter of the program listinfo?

Does anybody here know how to solve this problem...

any help would be really appreciated.

Best regards,

David Ramirez Joya
	David Ramirez Joya		Depto. de Informatica
	  System Manager		Servicios de Internet
 	  Servidor Osos			FIME -- UANL
     dramirez at gama.fime.uanl.mx		Tel.: 83 29 40 20 Ext. 5721

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