[Mailman-Users] Instability of Mailman or ?

Louiza louiza at home.com
Wed Jun 13 07:21:30 CEST 2001

At 6:02 PM -0500 6/12/01, Ed Wilts wrote:

>mailman maintains logs of what it's doing, and that combined with the mail
>logs, will tell you exactly where the problem is.  I can tell you that I have
>yet to see mailman be guilty of any mail not flowing through my system.

Yes, but the problem is that I am not allowed access to any logs. The 
way my webhost has Mailman set up is that I can create mailing lists, 
configure them, and manage the subscriptions, but that's about as far 
as it goes.

>Any other mailing list software on an unreliable platform will also wear you

I know. I realize that it's probably a problem with the webhost.

Thanks for trying to help. :)


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