[Mailman-Users] Instability of Mailman or ?

Barry A. Warsaw barry at digicool.com
Wed Jun 13 15:53:17 CEST 2001

>>>>> "L" == Louiza  <louiza at home.com> writes:

    L> Yes, but the problem is that I am not allowed access to any
    L> logs. The way my webhost has Mailman set up is that I can
    L> create mailing lists, configure them, and manage the
    L> subscriptions, but that's about as far as it goes.

You're probably not going to get much farther without access to at
least logs/error to see if you're getting tracebacks.  Also, your
webhost should check for stale locks that might be gumming up that
particular list (if other lists are getting messages).  Have them look
and see if qfiles/ is filling up or not.

Be sure they're running 2.0.5, which has a fix to avoid stale locks
under some situations when a user hits the `Stop' button on their

And even a very active 300 member list isn't that big.  We certainly
have more traffic on the {python,zope}.org site, and we've been
humming along nicely.  I wouldn't even call {python,zope}.org a big
site for Mailman.


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