[Mailman-Users] Start archiving an 'old' list

David Bengtsson david.bengtsson at framfab.se
Wed Jun 13 15:53:47 CEST 2001

Dear gurus,

My archive is up and running for a couple of lists, but I have one list
that's not been archived. The question is how I create the directorys I need
to start archive this specific list.

If I take a look in my ~mailman/archives/private/ folder it looks like this:
(list1 is up and archiving ok)

	2001-June/  2001-June.txt  2001-June.txt.gz  database/  index.html

(list2 is NOT archiving and looks just like this)


I have tried the obvious, just to turn on archiving in the webinterface, but
without result. There has been some posting to the list after I turned
archiving on in the webinterface. 

Any clues?

 Blue Skies,

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