[Mailman-Users] Any way to trim back memory requirements?

Graham TerMarsch mailman at howlingfrog.com
Thu Jun 14 00:21:49 CEST 2001

I'm sure that I've even asked this one before, but was wondering if anyone 
had any tips or tricks on how to tame the memory requirements of 
Mailman-2.0.5.  Asking as I'm finding that even the "listinfo" or 
"subscribe" CGI pages are sucking up 40-50MB of RAM on one of the lists 
we're running (~75k subscribers).  Its starting to become a bit 
problematic as at peak periods we're finding it not uncommon to have six 
or seven concurrent requests for one or the other of these scripts, and 
300MB of unshared memory used just for these CGIs does seem a bit much.

How are other people grappling with the memory requirement issues?

Graham TerMarsch

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