[Mailman-Users] Allowing users to join without specifying pas swords

Chuq Von Rospach chuqui at plaidworks.com
Sat Jun 16 21:35:11 CEST 2001

On Friday, June 15, 2001, at 01:19 PM, Barry A. Warsaw wrote:

>     CVR> so people know how to tune their systems. And if it's 60%,
>     CVR> maybe we shouldn't do it..
>     CVR> but we need to figure out what the impact is, and not guess
>     CVR> or make assumptions...
> I'd love to see any statistic you (or anybody) gathers on this
> subject.  It's definitely intriguing, but right now I don't have the
> time or systems to do this kind of data gathering.

I'll do some thinking about this, and see if I can come up with some 
theoretical numbers and/or a way to build a realistic model of this...

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