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> Is setting up a mailing list on a pc an option. If the list 
> is to have no
> more than say one hundred members and the volume of mail is 
> about twenty or
> thirty postings a day at the most. Can I use ListProc to do 
> this. Does it
> take up much space. Will I have leave my pc on continually 
> and will that
> cause my pc to wear out quicker.
> What are the advantages of ListProc over majordomo etc.

If you want to know the advantages of ListProc; you're probably on the
This is the Mailman mailinglist. Mailman is just another flavour of a
mailinglist manager; just as majordomo and listproc are. AFAIR ListProc is
commercial, where Majordomo and Mailman are under GNU/Public Domain.

All of these are Unix/Linux related mailinglist servers/programs... if you
want to run Mailman (or Listproc, or Majordomo) you most probably need a
computer running one of the many Unix falvours. And yes... it needs to be on

I personally don't think that your PC will wear out quicker because starting
up and getting at a normal temprature can be pretty hard on your components.

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