[Mailman-Users] Re: Looping digest - help!

CJoe canario.joe at teleline.es
Thu Jun 21 08:05:30 CEST 2001

How can new mailers allow Mailman (or the mailer where Mailman is
run)  send 395 digests of the same number of bytes, headers, etc.
to a remote host ?

As   far   as   I   understand,  most  mail  systems  have  spam
filters,  nowdays.  This  implies  that  "machine-gunning"  mail
delivery is stopped.

Could any one explain this ?
Can Mailman be configures not to machine-gun users ?


canario.joe at teleline.es

kaja at daimi.au.dk

KPC> Greetings,

KPC> Last  Monday,  one  of  our  mailing lists went mad and sent
KPC> multiple  copies  of  the  same  digest to the list's digest
KPC> users.  It happened after (my) working hours and by the time
KPC> I  had  a  chance  to  react,  all  digest  users (but one!)
KPC> received 395 copies of the same digest ...

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