[Mailman-Users] Programming Languages

Karl Carlile dagda at eircom.net
Sat Jun 23 08:07:08 CEST 2001

What is the more appropriate programming language to use for Linux --perhaps
one suitable and sufficently developed for Linux and Windows. I have learned
a litle Turbo C++ in the past. But it seems it a language more for DOS and
Windows that Unix or Linux. I read somewhere that C is a more suitable
language to learn.

The point is that I have been learning, quite satisfactorily HTML, and all
the more after hearing what Enriko had to say. My success and enthuasism
here is due to it being of use in developing web pages. I can see its use
and how I can use it. With the general programming languages I cannot see
the sense in learning if there is no reason why I should learn it. I dont
want to go through a learning process that involves writing elementary
useless programmes that of no benefit to me. If I could see the use of a
language I would have less difficulty about it. Enriko has added to my views
as to why I should create and develop my own web pages by hand using the
html code. Now makes sense to the exercise. Because immediately I can start
working on my web pages. If programming was shown to be more immediately
relevant perhaps more people would learn it etc.

Thanks you for assisting me in various ways. I have been learning from your

Regards Karl

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