[Mailman-Users] mail loops: list-request and vacation messages

Chuq Von Rospach chuqui at plaidworks.com
Tue Jun 26 02:26:54 CEST 2001

On Monday, June 25, 2001, at 05:19 PM, John W Baxter wrote:

> I often wonder why people who would *not* hang
>    "Owner away--burgle here"
> signs on their houses on these trips send out "burgle here"

One reason why I never use a vacation message. The other is, for better 
or worse, that I'm never more than a walk back to the hotel room away 
from a modem, and so I'm never away from e-mail even when I'm 
vacationing. The joys of being (a) irreplaceable, and (b) my own boss in 
my spare time.

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