[Mailman-Users] sender-adress and multiple domains

Barbara Johansen barbara at sprog.auc.dk
Tue Jun 26 13:34:56 CEST 2001


I just installed mailman for 3 virtuel domains. I made 3 separate
installations according to a posting of William R. Dickons in
oktober 2000


The problem is that subscribers get the wrong "From:" address.

Can anybody tell me where this adress comes from and where I can edit it?

Now the from-adress is the servername+domainname but I want it to be the
virtual domain name.

I edited the Mailman/mm-cfg.py files:
SMTPHOST = 'lists.musik.auc.dk'
but this does not seem to have any effect.

I use Sendmail 8.11.4


Barbara B. Johansen
Faculty of Humanities
Computing office
Aalborg University
Kroghstraede 3
DK 9220 Aalborg

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