[Mailman-Users] thttpd?

Justin Sheehy justin at iago.org
Fri Jun 29 17:26:47 CEST 2001

barry at digicool.com (Barry A. Warsaw) writes:

> Really?  I think the CGI/1.1 "spec" (which really never got past draft
> status) description of SCRIPT_NAME and PATH_INFO definitely allow for
> Apache's behavior here. 

You're right, it does allow it.  It certainly doesn't require it, but
it doesn't rule it out either.  Sorry for overstating my point.

However, it seems to be more of an assumption.  With a little more
poking around, I'm guessing that Apache basically just kept this behavior
that was in NCSA from a fairly early date.  Since then, the major
servers have had that behavior and people have assumed (reasonably)
that it would work that way.

I'll go bother the thttpd people instead, and figure out why they
don't do things that way.

> What does thttpd actually set SCRIPT_NAME and PATH_INFO to when given
> a url like http://mysite.com/mailman/listinfo/mylist?

It doesn't matter, effectively, as it tries to run
/mailman/listinfo/somelist, which of course does not exist.  This is
the problem that I've been describing.



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