[Mailman-Users] Web interface went to Brazil for summer vacation?

Amanda arandall at auntminnie.com
Sat Jun 30 00:15:41 CEST 2001

OK, this is weird.

As a what-the-heck measure, I erased the ScriptAlias line and retyped it.
Restarted Apache. Problem solved. Best guess: I had a garbage character in there

::shrug:: I don't get it. But it's working. So I won't complain.

::wonders for the millionth time why she ever got into computers in the first


Amanda wrote:

> Satya wrote:
> > You mentioned ScriptAlias. I have this:
> >
> > Alias /mailman/ /home/mailman/cgi-bin/
> >
> > Do you have a similar line? Is it correct?
> I don't have a mailman alias - but I didn't have one before. I have one for
> icons, and I have one for pipermail, but not for mailman. What the heck.
> Can't hurt to try. It's already broke...
> > Note the paths. They're in Apache's web directory space, not in the
> > filesystem. Your path is in the filesystem. Borked Alias directive is
> > my guess. [snip] BTW, who else has admin access to the box in question?
> > Maybe they did something?
> Nobody else has admin rights to the box. (Hell, nobody else has rights to the
> box.) I'd love to pin this on someone else, but if it was human intervention
> that busted it, it's all me. ::sigh:: Not that that's any great surprise at
> this point...
> > More wild guessing: is /usr/local/apache/www/htdocs/ or anything along
> > that path on a different partition which isn't mounted?
> I wish it were that simple. :-) Not on a different partition, and other
> webpages in that htdocs folder are serving fine.
> I'll let you know if the alias thing happens to fix it. I'm curious, if it's
> needed, why it worked before. ::shaking head:: Weirder things have
> happened...
> =)
> Amanda
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