[Mailman-Users] messages pending approval

John W Baxter jwblist at olympus.net
Sat Jun 30 02:07:20 CEST 2001

Not necessarily:  when you send in a message to the list, Mailman gets the
address to which to send the notification that the message requires
approval from your incoming message.

When Mailman wants to send its list administrator(s) notice that a message
has come in which requires approval, it sends to the address listed in the
(general) admin page.

If the administrator address looks like one which should reach you, I would
suggest fully clearing out that field and putting the address in again (on
the Mac, I would tab into the field, thus ensuring that everything is
selected, and then type...I don't use Windows enough to know what to advise
to ensure that invisible things on either end of the text (eg...a whole
second line) are removed).


At 9:51 -0700 6/29/2001, Andreas Freyvogel wrote:
>when I send a message to a list that needs to have approval prior to its
>being sent out, I do receive a response email telling me that it has arrived
>and is waiting approval. Now, does it make sense to conclude that if it can
>send me an email this way that it should by all accounts be able to send
>email for approval notification as well?
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>At 17:04 -0700 6/28/2001, Andreas Freyvogel wrote:
>>I do have that option checked off as "yes" but for some reason I am not
>>receiving any notifications. Could there be something else that I am
>If you are also not receiving the once-per-day notifications, then mailman
>is unable to send mail to you as the list administrator.  There could be an
>alias in the way, or some other problem.  Step one would seem to be to
>verify that you can send a message to the address listed in
>   General Options-->The list admin's email address....
>Having a role account listed there is fine (and probably better than a
>personal address)...having it a role account which aliases (or Exim magic)
>send back to Mailman is not (learned the hard way here on a test list).
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