[Mailman-Users] RE: : Nothing happens !

Firas R. alragom at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 30 11:39:40 CEST 2001

Sorry about that last posting, I guess I was a little trigger happy ....

Looking at the error found in apache's suexec_log I'd assume that
/home2/mailman/cgi-bin  would have permissions
rwxrwsrwx   but as you can see below, only the owner and mailman's group
have write permissions to the cgi-bin directory.

Anyone know what the cause of this error is ?

Thanks a lot,


drwxrwsr-x   2 admin    mailman      1024 Jul  1 05:39

error_log :

[Sun Jul  1 05:43:18 2001] [notice] suEXEC mechanism enabled (wrapper:
[Sun Jul  1 05:43:19 2001] [error] [client] Premature end of
script headers: /home2/mailman/cgi-bin/admin

acces_log :

[01/Jul/2001:05:43:19 -0400] "GET /mailman/admin/test HTTP/1.1" 500 534

suexec_log :

[2001-07-01 05:43:19]: directory is writable by others:

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On Friday, June 29, 2001, at 01:17 PM, Firas R. wrote:

> Checking apache's logs I found the following :
> error_log:[Sat Jun 30 16:22:25 2001] [error] [client]
> Premature end of script headers: /home2/mailman/cgi-bin/admin
> suexec_log:[2001-06-30 16:22:25]: directory is writable by others:
> (/home2/mailman/cgi-bin)
> Is this an Apache problem or is it related to the scripts themselves ?

Take a look at the error message. What does the phrase "directory is
writable by others"  mean?

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