[Mailman-Users] Re: NNTP-Posting-Host not of the sender, in mail-news gateway

Giancarlo Pinerolo altroweb at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 30 23:48:20 CEST 2001

In practice, for using mailman as a mail-news gateway,
there should be an 'X-author:' or an 'X-Mail-From:' or
a 'NNTP-Posting-Host:' header that somehow contains
the IP of the original mail message, otherwise the
gateway becomes an 'anonymizer', as the message that
gets to the newsgroup looks as fully originated from
the server running mailman. 

Also the 'X-Complaints:' header, I think, should point
to the mailman host, not the news server.

I tell you this because I've been facing the evidence
of a couple spam messages sent through my mailman
mail-news gateway, pointed to me by some people at the
newsgroup out there.
And, being 'restrict -post-to-members' an unusable
feature in a mail-news gateway, I had no other choice
than turning the 'gate mail-to-news' feature off.


 --- "Barry A. Warsaw" <barry at digicool.com> ha
scritto: > 
> >>>>> "i" == iso  <altroweb at yahoo.com> writes:
>     i> In practice I've been subtly accused of
> giving a way
>     i> to spammers to forward messages to a
> newsgroup through
>     i> the use of mailman.
> LOL!
> Why would spammers try to forward their messages
> through Mailman, when
> it's so much easier to just post their spam to news?
> -Barry
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