[Mailman-Users] Cookie problems?

m.lavy m.lavy at jesus.cam.ac.uk
Sat Mar 3 15:20:14 CET 2001

Hello, I run three separate Mailman servers (all low volume). Yesterday 
evening I encountered a weird problem with 2 of them:

It seemed as if (a) cookies had stopped working or (b) a strange permissions 
problem occurred because although I could log in to the admindb page for all 
my lists with no problem, an attempt to approve a vetoed message just 
returned me to the login screen. Likewise, an attempt to switch between the 
various admin pages led me straight back to the login, even though I could 
happily authenticate to each individually. 

The strange thing is that this happened only on 2 out of 3 machines, even 
though Mailman is configured identically on all. I do not think it is a 
webserver problem because the two machines run different software. Even more 
strangely, today everything is working fine! 

I'd be grateful for any thoughts. 


Matthew M Lavy MA MPhil ARCM LTCL
Jesus College, Cambridge CB5 8BL 

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