[Mailman-Users] More Errors ...

kotrach at encino.fdo-may.ubiobio.cl kotrach at encino.fdo-may.ubiobio.cl
Tue Mar 6 19:12:29 CET 2001

On Thu, 1 Mar 2001, Stanton Schell wrote:

> First, don't try to run the wrapper from the shell, it is not designed to be done.  
> The first error message occurs because you are trying to run the wrapper as 
> root, which has a gid of 0.  when you recompile with gid 0 and then try to send 
> email to it, which will be gid 12, you are committing the same error in reverse.  
> Compile --with-mail-gid=12 and then send an email to it.
> -stanton

I do that... now I have no errors back to my mail... but have no mail from
the list too...   can you imagine why it's happenning???


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