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Patriot room_mailman at bbs.pixel.citadel.org
Thu Mar 8 21:16:02 CET 2001

 > [#Pine.LNX.4.21.0103081155230.4804-100000 at pirk.com] Mar 8 2001 3:01pm 
from Orion (Steve Pirk) <orion at deathcon.com>    
 >Subject: Re: [Mailman-Users] call for help - please   
 >I believe it is safe to comment this cron entry (gate_news).   
 >From the crontab comments, it seems to be a method to send/receive   
 >messages to news servers... Anyone else have some ideas?   
 >Also, the path /usr/lib/mailman is not a typical place to put   
 >user home dirs. Remember, "mailman" is a user on the system.   
 >The user mailman should own /var/lib/mailman/* and should own   
 >the file /var/spool/mail/mailman file with group mail or mailman.   
 That's true.  You can comment it out unless you're gatewaying your 
 lists to usenet newsgroups.  

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