[Mailman-Users] Stripmime update

alex wetmore alex at phred.org
Tue Mar 13 19:17:50 CET 2001

Stripmime is a Perl script which I wrote to convert MIME messages to
plaintext.  It does this by removing non-text attachments (except HTML
in certain cases) and removing the MIME structure.

I've created a webpage with some information on the tool as well as
simple installation instructions.  The page can be found at

The latest version has a new feature and some bug fixes.  The main new
feature is that it now does HTML to ascii conversion for messages which
only contain an HTML section (if they have an HTML and a plaintext
section then it just keeps the plaintext one).  The primary bugfix is
that it properly identifies HTML messages coming from hotmail
(previously it allowed them through).

This tool is similar to demime, but has a much different underlying
implementation.  Demime uses many perl modules to do the striping work,
but I wasn't comfortable with this approach because some of the modules
create temporary files or large in-memory buffers.  My solution acts as
a filter and never buffers the whole source message into memory or disk
at any time, so it should have fewer resource needs.  I have been using
it on my mailing list server for over a year now with very good luck.


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