[Mailman-Users] Avoiding Requests for Approval

Steve Pirk orion at deathcon.com
Wed Mar 14 20:18:24 CET 2001

Sounds like the other "lists" are configured so that the "from"
address is the poster, and not the list. Since a poster to the
other list may not be a subscriber to your list, your list holds
it for administrative approval.

If you know the people who run the other lists, then you might be
able to get them to change the from address to be list-admin at some.com
Not elegant, but it might fix the problem.

On Wed, 14 Mar 2001, Gregory K. Laughlin wrote:

> I have set up a number of lists using Mailman.  All is well except
> for the following problem.  Some of my lists have other lists subscribed
> to them (in addition to individual email addresses -- so they are not
> entirely lists of lists).  Message pass through fine to the individual
> subscribers, but the I get emails (as list administrator) for Requests
> for Approval to post the messages to the lists that are subscribers.
> How do I avoid having to approve messages to these lists from other
> lists? (Note, messages posted directly to these lists go through fine
> without Requests for Approval.)  Please reply directly to me at the
> address in the signature as I am not a subscriber to
> mailman-users at python.org
> Thanks,
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