[Mailman-Users] Building an admin tool.

Aleksandra Witkowska aleksw at ameritech.net
Tue Mar 20 20:38:21 CET 2001

Hello all list user gurus.

I'm working on an admin tool that sends out e-mails to the list with the
list option commands.

If someone has not subscribed ever before, and they try to send in a "set
option" email, it won't work, right?  Will they receive an error message?
Like if they try to "go on vacation" and they aren't even subscribed?

Will changing your Mailman password via (body="password badpass goodpass")
cause a confirmation email to be sent to the user?

If someone is subscribed and they send _another_ subscription request
(body="subscribe goodpass digest") will Mailman just go ahead and process
it, overwriting their existing options, or will it generate an error

Is there any kind of queue?  Can subsequent emails be processed once the
first email has come through, or do you have to wait?  For example:
body = subscribe g00dpass
body = set nomail on g00dpass

Any timely help on this matter would be VERY appreciated. I'm trying to do
this today and tomorrow, so I need answers soon.


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