More spam :-( Was Re: [Mailman-Users] Would you like toreceive information on registering your pet online for free?

Dan Mick dan.mick at
Tue Mar 27 22:12:48 CEST 2001

JC Dill wrote:

> It sounds as if you are ignoring or overlooking my proposed solution which
> continues to let non-subscriber posts go through to the list unmoderated,
> when they contain keyword(s) indicative of an on-topic non-spam
> post.  

I would estimate that 25% of my posts contain any keyword you might have on
your list.  Good luck generating any sort of useful list.

> Further, even if a post goes to the moderator, that doesn't mean it
> can't be approved and sent on to the list, all you have introduced is a
> slight delay. 

Who is it that's providing this free moderation service?  You?

> This seems an acceptable tradeoff for avoiding the spam.  If
> someone doesn't want their post held up by a moderation process, they
> should subscribe, or use the appropriate keyword.
> I fail to see how this would hurt newbies, or cause any significant
> overhead (beyond software development of what will be a very useful feature
> :-).

It's equally obvious to me that it would not serve the purpose you intend,
and it's pretty obvious to me that it's a non-problem, in the Grand
Scheme.  Anti-spam measures are apparently addictive; no one can eat
just one.

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