[Mailman-Users] Moved mailman to new server

Noah Cantor ncantor at ShopEaze.com
Fri Mar 30 20:48:52 CEST 2001

Hi all.

Last night i moved my mailman files from one server to another. I made a tar
of all the old files, did an scp to the new machine, untarred it, added the
appropriate users (mailman, apache) with the same uid and gids that they had
previously. whe i run check_list <listname> it tells me that the list is set
up correctly, and that the database is working. however, when i send mail to
that list, it gets stuck in the mailman queue, and eventually bounces back to
me telling me that the list doesn't exist. eventually i bandaided the problem
by NFS mounting the mailman directory onto the machine that it used to run on,
which solved the problem, but slowed down the mailing lists a considerable
amount, because now they have to go across an NFS mounted drive. what i was
wondering is if anybody has seen this before and has some idea of what i need
to do to get mailman working on the new server. personally, i suspect that
there's something wrong with the way apache is set up, but i can't find
anything wrong with it.



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