[Mailman-Users] international version of mailman

Barry A. Warsaw barry at digicool.com
Tue May 1 09:59:03 CEST 2001

>>>>> "GF" == Gaston Franco <gaston at esc.edu.ar> writes:

    GF> Hi!  We've been waiting for more than a year for the
    GF> international version of Mailman.... is there any chance that
    GF> it´ll be realeased soon?  I know that there´s some support in
    GF> 2.1 alpha version, but i´d like a final release.

It's getting there, but I've got no ETA.  On the plus side, I'll be
spending some focussed time on Mailman over the next several weeks, so
expect to see some good progress.  On the downside, I'm personally
still not using it for Real Lists yet, although I hope to update a few
of my own lists this month.


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