[Mailman-Users] mailman 2.0.6 feature questions

Dan Mick dmick at utopia.West.Sun.COM
Fri Nov 2 03:31:01 CET 2001

> I'm a longtime Smartlist admin who's migrating to Mailman 2.0.6 and I've
> got a few questions regarding features:
> I have several legitimate 'non-opt-out' type of lists; Ie: our department
> wants to make sure that *every* faculty member is given a certain message,
> so we use a smartlist mailing list. I've configured it so that users can
> not unsubscribe from that list - they have to contact us directly [and we
> only unsub someone if they are quitting]. Is there a way to do this in
> Mailman? 

Not until 2.1, but yes.

> Also, seeing as someone may want to get around that by putting
> themselves on permanent vacation, is there any way to disable that feature
> as well?

Not without hacking, but it's probably a small amount of hacking.
A reasonable RFE.
> Is there any way to have a reduced-feature admin w3 page? Ie: I'd like to
> give a non-tech person the ability to add/delete users, but nothing more.
> I don't want them to change the site URL, name of the list, etc, etc.

Again, not until 2.1, but 2.1 has the concept of "moderators"; here's
the description of what they can do:

The list moderators have more limited permissions; they are not able
to change any list configuration variable, but they are
allowed to tend to pending administration requests, including
approving or rejecting held subscription requests, and disposing of
held postings. Of course, the list administrators can also tend to
pending requests.

I think this does not, at present, allow direct subscription by the
moderator, but since the moderator can format up an email message and
send it, and then approve it, effectively he can do one-off
requests.  Adding the ability to change the subscriber list only
would be a reasonable RFE.  Looks like it currently grants the ability
to deal with admin requests, to see archives, and to see
the membership roster.
> Is there a way to either globally or on a per-list basis, customize some
> of the auto-reply text? I notice you can prepend some text to some of the
> auto-replies, but how 'bout replacing the entire auto-reply message
> itself?

Again, in 2.1 it's easier; the list messages are internationalized,
and as part of that process they can now be made list-specific with
a specifically-defined search order:

    # When looking for a template in a specific language, there are 4 places
    # that are searched, in this order:
    # 1. the list-specific language directory
    #    lists/<listname>/<language>
    # 2. the domain-specific language directory
    #    templates/<list.host_name>/<language>
    # 3. the site-wide language directory
    #    templates/site/<language>
    # 4. the global default language directory
    #    templates/<language>

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