[Mailman-Users] why can't people see my lists?

James Watson james at FuturisTech.net
Fri Nov 2 14:20:01 CET 2001

On Thu, Nov 01, 2001 at 08:30:45PM -0500, Joshua S. Freeman wrote:
> OK, then my question remains this:
> WHY AREN'T MY LISTS SHOWING UP?... I've set the permission on the
> privacy page for each of the 4 lists on our server, yet they're not
> showing up when I run http://www.mysql.org/mailman/listinfo
> They are meant to be advertised lists yet they're not showing up.

Short answer: set VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW=0 in mm_cfg.py.

Long answer:
If you go to: http://mysql.org/mailman/listinfo you can see them.  The list
hostname is set to "mysql.org" instead of "www.mysql.org".  Changing the list
hostname should fix it.

Mailman includes some virtual hosting features that will limit
the list of lists to those for the current virtual host.  It does
this by matching the list hostname with the http hostname.  However,
this is a case-sensitive match, so if you change the list hostname to
www.mysql.org, then http://www.mysql.org/mailman/listinfo will work,
but http://www.MySQL.org/mailman/listinfo will not. You can avoid this
problem by setting VIRTUAL_HOST_OVERVIEW=0 in mm_cfg.py. This will cause
Mailman to advertise all public lists, regardless of the http hostname.


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