[Mailman-Users] LIKELY_BOUNCE_SENDERS case sensative ?

Chad M. Stewart chad at balius.com
Sat Nov 3 11:49:04 CET 2001

Some clown out there has configured their system send DSNs to the from header
instead of the envelope from, as required per the RFCs.  I'm going to fire off
a note to them later.

Their DSN came from 'Mailer-Daemon <Mailer-Daemon at aa.bb.cc>' and as of yet I
have left LIKELY_BOUNCE_SENDERS with the default values.  Whichs leads to my
question, how did this message make it to the list?

>From the post log I have the following

Nov 03 04:26:53 2001 (962) post to list from mailer-daemon at aa.bb.cc, size=262,

>From Defaults.py

LIKELY_BOUNCE_SENDERS = ('daemon', 'mailer-daemon', 'postmaster',
                         'orphanage', 'postoffice')

Another question:  Where might I find the code that deals with the subject
prefix, the part that determines wether to add it or not?  I've seen some
posts to my list which have the prefix twice, appears that the client inserted
a space at the beginning, i.e. ' Re: blah' instead of 'Re: blah' and mailman
inserted the subject prefix, though it was already present.


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