[Mailman-Users] (Q) Rejecting mail from outside local system

Jo Brooks jobrooks at us.dhl.com
Mon Nov 5 16:51:24 CET 2001

Timothy Murphy wrote:
> Is there a simple way of only allowing posters
> from a given domain or domains?
> Eg can I use wildcards (eg *@*.tcd.ie) when specifying allowed posters?

I had to cook up a procmail filter and add it to the filters
directory.  Seems to have worked for the several lists that wanted
to implement it, so I must've gotten it right  :)

I'm rather new to procmail, so it took a whole lot of scouring thru
the mailman-users and majordomo-users archives at marc.theaimsgroup.com
but those examples helped immensely.   This is what I ended up with,
in a filter I called "restricts":

	* !^From:.*@.*\.dhl\.com
	|/home/mailman/mail/wrapper mailowner ${MAILMAN}
	|/home/mailman/mail/wrapper post ${MAILMAN}

and the alias entry looks like:

testing: "|/usr/bin/procmail -m MAILMAN='testing' /home/mailman/filters/r

Hope this helps.

Jo Brooks
DHL Worldwide Express
Systems Support Group

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