[Mailman-Users] 2.0.6, postfix, and MTA var

vjl at www.seweb.uci.edu vjl at www.seweb.uci.edu
Tue Nov 6 20:24:41 CET 2001

Hi all,

According to the 'README.POSTFIX' docs on CVS, there is a variable called,
"MTA" that one can add to one's mm_cfg.py file. This, along with other
steps, would allow Mailman to automaticly change its local alias file and
when postfix notices it, postfix would then allow incoming mail to these
aliases. This would mean that one doesn't have to manually input the
aliases into Mailman's local alias each time one adds/deletes a list.

Is this functionality also in 2.0.6? I do not have a Mailman/MTA
directory, like the docs state, so I'm assuming this is a new feature in
2.1, but I just wanted to make sure.



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