[Mailman-Users] Mailman issues

Don Daniels viewelk at avci.net
Wed Nov 7 01:45:18 CET 2001

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> >                 Editing of mails can be done on MODERATED mails.
> Not with Mailman.

Hey Dan,
               Nice to see some administrator feed back here.
I only began using ver 2.06 for two lists on 11/01.
One has some 230 subscribers, the other 100+. Both were formerly at Yahoo. 

My insights are a result of what I have seen so far and what I can read in 
Chris Kolar's contribution @

I current have a user who contributes Press releases.
I have specific names and 6 sender address limitations.
Upon entering the moderation page it appears as though I can edit anything in the submitted mails.
 Even though I have not had any reason to edit these press releases.
I will attempt the next one either late tonight EST or tomorrow.

I am presented with both the body content and the header content.  
                      Best          Don


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