[Mailman-Users] Mailman issues

Jon Carnes jonc at nc.rr.com
Wed Nov 7 05:08:59 CET 2001

On Tuesday 06 November 2001 09:09, Brian McIntosh wrote:
> My provider is switching to Mailman from Majordomo. I like a lot of the
> features BUT I need to be able to edit the messages before they go out!
> My list is mostly made up of non computer savy users and I need to edit
> links, spelling, format and of course the ever present FWD FWD FWD FWD
> I like to remove all the extra tracking information also. -- This is a
> closed list and we know who everyone is that joins. We require the
> information and keep it filed in a seperate database.
> Is there someway I can do this and still show who sent in the
> information?
> Thanks
> Brian McIntosh brian at clcsinc.com
> Canada Lake Computer Services Inc  clcs at klink.net
> Alliance for America brian at allianceforamerica.org
> AFALIST afalist at klink.net

You can edit the files directly in the queue (see my earlier post).  I 
would recommend that you add yourself to the mailman group and then create 
a link in your home directory to ~mailman/data.  

If you have samba loaded on the server, you can edit the email directly 
using your favorite editor.

Jon Carnes

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